With its natural warmth and rich history, Amber has long been a beloved gemstone. If you are one of the many who love this stone and want to learn more about it, then keep reading!

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  • What is Amber
  • Amber Crystal
  • Amber Stone Spiritual Meaning
  • Amber Healing Properties
  • Amber Uses
  • Amber Gemstone Jewelry & Bracelets

What is Amber


Amber is a roughly 50-million-year-old, fragment of fossilized tree sap or resin collected from prehistoric pine forests.

The most thought of colors of Amber are gold, orange, copper, and brown, however, Amber comes in over 300 different colors including blue, white, green, black, and red.

This ancient stone can contain insects, leaves, twigs, flowers, mammalian hair, and other organic matter, making the stone even more valuable.

Amber has held a special place in the beliefs of ancient cultures. The Vikings used to believe that Amber was the tears of Freyja, their goddess of love and beauty. And among the ancient Greeks, Amber was viewed as the tears of the daughters of Apollo, the sun god. 

In modern times, the gem is still valued by many, especially in northern countries. Amber was so valued that during the times of the Russian Czars, Frederick William I King of Prussia gifted Peter the Great an entire room crafted from the stone. The famous “Amber Room” contained over 13,000 pounds of Amber. During World War II this room vanished under the watchful eye of the Nazis and has never been found. 

One can find the largest deposits of natural Amber along the coasts of Poland, Germany, and Russia. Amber can also be found in Sicily, Romania, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and along the eastern coast of the United States.

Amber Crystal

Amber ignites the soul.

The Amber crystal is a powerful healer that cleanses the mind, body, spirit, and the surrounding environment. 

Amber has the strength to drain disease from one’s body while healing the nervous system and balancing out both sides of the brain.

Because it absorbs negative energy and pain, it alleviates stress, clears away depression, and bolsters self-confidence, self-expression, and one’s intellect. This crystal inspires acts of spontaneity, and quick decision-making, bringing with it a sense of wisdom, stability, and perseverance. 

Amber Stone Spiritual Meaning

Amber Stone Spiritual Meaning

The ancient Amber gemstone is highly spiritual. With its golden hues, it captures the light and warmth of the sun exuding vibrant and energizing qualities.

Worn as a talisman or adorned as an ornament, Amber has always been closely intertwined with spiritual preservation and has often been seen as a promoter of eternal youth.

Amber calms the Yin and Yang balance within and converts negative energy into positive energy that restores harmony. This crystal is excellent at clearing out emotional blockages, stress, negativity, and suffering.

Amber Healing Properties

Amber Healing Properties

Amber is a gem that openly invites healing into one’s life. 

It slices through pain and boosts the immune system. The warmness of the Amber gemstone relieves the symptoms of colds, flu, respiratory ailments, and headaches.

Amber is the perfect pick-me-up stone as it washes away fatigue, lethargy, and depression. It has the power to stimulate the metabolism and raise energy levels and rejuvenate internal organs and systems while cleaning the blood and giving the body a complete detox.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Amber

The warmth of Amber is perfect for soaking up negativity, heavy moods, and bad vibes. 

Amber replaces these negative emotions and vibrations with positivity, a sense of empowerment, flexibility, and harmony.

This powerful stone evokes one’s inner strength and ensures boundaries are set, keeping one safe from individuals and situations that could harm them. Amber also keeps one safe from inner criticism by quieting negative thoughts. 

Metaphysical Properties of Amber

The bright, sunny, and warm properties of Amber have the power to dispel negative energy and soothe one by calming nerves and brightening one’s mental state.

Amber is commonly used by healers to open and cleanse the Chakras. Because Amber comes in many different colors, they are associated with the body’s different energy centers. 

The most typical color of Amber, yellow, is traditionally used to cleanse the Sacral Chakra. This Chakra is the center of passion, intimacy, joy, and the spiritual connection with others. When the Sacral Chakra is blocked, one might feel the effects of a low or unbalanced libido which can quickly turn into a sense of fear or insecurity.

When Amber is used to clear the Sacral Chakra, it increases the flow of energy, movement, creativity, and sensuality. It improves one’s memory and promotes mental flexibility and a sense of balance. 

Amber is also connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, which when cleansed by the stone supports the flow of healthy and positive energy, and opens one up to the joy of living and the positive energies of the Universe.

Amber Use

Amber Uses crystal

Amber is a common stone used in Feng Shui. It brings a grounding sensation to any space and warms any dark or cold corner of the home with its golden brilliance. 

If placed at the center of the home, Amber will raise one’s sense of well-being. When Amber is placed in the bedroom or under the bed, it increases the feeling of stability and support.  

Because Amber possesses strong and ancient energy, it is often used to acquire worldly wisdom of the planet. 

The warm, cheerful, bright, and protective properties of Amber quickly cleanse a space or being of all negative emotions and dark moods, and protects one from any adverse energy, thoughts, or wishes, that another might point in their direction. 

Amber Gemstone Jewelry & Bracelets

If Amber is worn in direct contact with the skin as a bracelet, pendant, ring, or another piece of jewelry, it has the power to send healing vibrations to where the wearer needs them most. 

Amber necklaces and earrings can be particularly helpful for anyone who suffers from anxiety during their day-to-day lives.

When worn correctly, Amber has the power to protect, heal, and boost one’s positive energy and sense of well-being. Wear this warm stone to tap into its ancient energies and live an exceptional, joyous, and brighter life.