If you’re looking for the best men’s leather bracelets to complete your look, you’re in the right place.

In this article we’ll look at:

Table of Contents

  • Types of mens leather bracelets
  • Mens leather bracelet colors
  • Mens leather bracelet charms
  • Where to buy mens leather bracelets
  • The best mens leather bracelets

Let’s get started.

Types of mens leather bracelets

The majority of modern mens leather bracelets fall into three main types.

Braided / woven, rope or cuff.

Mens braided leather bracelets

Braided bracelets are as suggested, woven together from different pieces of leather.


Mens woven or braided leather bracelets are a timeless and classic casual accessory.

Here below you can see the signature Bhoma woven leather bracelet, click the image to learn more.

Mens rope leather bracelets

The rope leather bracelets are thinner and often utilises no clasps.

Miansi make this lovely bracelet in rope.

Mens cuff leather bracelets

Cuff leather bracelets are wider and normally made from a single, thicker strip of leather.

Below you can see our signature Bhoma mens cuff leather bracelet in genuine black leather.

mens leather cuff bracelet

Mens leather wrap bracelets

There is also a lesser known type of mens leather bracelet.

The wrap bracelet. Also known as the strap bracelet.

This is where multiple strand of thinner leather wrap around the wrist many times to creates a layered effect.

Mens leather bracelet colors

Historically leather was brown.

This is its natural color after tanning.

This is technically known as ‘Russet’ color. A natural, undyed leather.

In the modern age, leather can really be any color at all.

The most popular mens leather bracelets are black and brown.

However it’s common to see blue, green, red, orange and even yellow leather products now.

Some brands choosing to combine colors in the same bracelet.

Dolce and Gabbana has this beautiful multi-colored leather bracelet design.


Mens Leather Charm Bracelets

There are many types of nice and unique charms that are used in bracelet designs.

Some charms are made from metal and some from gold.

Mens leather and gold bracelets are more popular.

Check out our post here for an exhaustive list of charms used in guys bracelets:

5 Most Popular Types Of Bracelets For Men (With Pictures, Names & Looks)

Some of the more popular ones used with leather include:

Mens leather bracelet with custom name charms

This is a personalised mens leather bracelet with names. Where you can have your name or some import phrase included in the design. These are some of the top coolest designs.

Mens leather bracelet with anchor charm

Mens leather bracelet with snake charm

Mens leather cross bracelet

Mens leather infinity bracelet

Mens leather celtic bracelet

Where to buy mens designer leather bracelets (near me)

In all honesty, most people shop for mens leather bracelets online. Whether you are in the US or UK.

In you are looking for a mens leather bracelet engraved, then it might be faster to go in person to a shop.

However there are customizable leather bracelet stores online too.

Best Mens Leather Bracelets

So finally lets look at our top picks for the best mens leather bracelelets.

Here are our 3 favourite designs.

Best mens braided leather bracelet

Best mens leather cuff bracelet

Best mens leather cuff bracelet

Bens mens leather cross bracelet

Check out our range of mens leather bracelets here.

These are mens handmade leather bracelets, created by artisans in Asia.