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  • Types of mens silver bracelets
  • Mens silver bracelet materials
  • Mens silver bracelet charms
  • Where to buy mens silver bracelets
  • The best mens silver bracelets

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Types of silver bracelets for men

With so many cool progressive jewelry brands for men launching in the last decade.

The amount of different types of silver bracelets for men have increased a lot.

Let’s look at some of the classic design styles and check out some stylish new mens designer bracelets.

Mens Silver Bangle Bracelet

This classic bangle design can help to round off any look.

mens silver bangle hammered

This design is made from sterling silver 925 with a hammered finish.

Mens Silver Cuff Bracelet

The cuff bracelet is similar to the bangle but wider.


Many brands offer custom engraving or personalized silver bangles.


mens silver bangle

Mens Silver Braided or Woven Bracelet

An increasingly popular style, is the Bali braided or woven silver bracelet.

mens woven silver bracelet


This boho style jewelry pairs well with beaded jewelry and offers a refined and stylish look.

mens watch and bracelet

Paired with a watch for a well rounded look.

Mens chain silver bracelet

The classic mens silver chain, a popular street style piece.

Sometimes these silver bracelet types feature a dog plate for custom name engraving.

Mixed material silver chain bracelet

As pearls became popular and accepted in mens jewelry during 2020 and beyond. Brands started to mix chain link bracelets and pearls for a stunning effect.

Also mixing with leather and other materials for different styles and vibes.

 Chunky Chain Bracelets for Men

Chunky chains were back in fashion this year with this rise of mens street wear, fast fashion jewelry.

Types of Mens Silver Bracelet Materials

One thing to be aware and cautious of, is the types of materials brands use to create mens silver bracelets.

Typically they are:

  • Sterling silver 925
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass (coasted with sterling silver 925)
  • Silver alloys
  • Platinum

Most brands are now using stainless steel. This allows them to mass produce jewelry and sell at a lower price.

The benefit of this material is that it does not tarnish and discolor over time.

The downside for the consumer is that it is worth close to nothing.

Brands using real Sterling Silver 925 for silver mens bracelets are typically more expensive. However, it is typically worth the investment as the bracelet has been handmade or produced by jewelry experts rather than a factory.

These are the best luxury silver and gold mens bracelets. With genuine silver.

Shop our real silver bracelets here.

A real silver bracelet will tarnish and discolor over time.

However you can simply clean it with a silver cloth to bring it back to the original color in 5 minutes.

Learn more about silver jewelry care here.

When buying silver jewelry look for the hallmark, there should be a stamp that shows 925 on the bracelet. This shows it is real silver.

However this type of hallmark is not required by law in the US market and actually can be added when the product is real silver. So this causes many issues.

In the UK the hallmark is a legal requirement and is often tested before you can receive the appropriate licensing and documentation.

Mens silver bracelet charms

Some brands feature charms on their silver bracelets.

Here we see the addition of a cross charm to the silver bracelet.

Check out a full list of charms used in bracelets for men here, in our article called:

5 Most Popular Types Of Bracelets For Men (With Pictures, Names & Looks)

Where to buy silver bracelets for men

As with most things, people often shop online now for mens silver bracelets.

If you are looking for silver bracelets ‘near me’ then you will probably be directed to a local jewelry shop.

This can be fine, however the range of style is much larger online and the pricing is lower as many brands do not have to pay for the retail location.

They can then pass these savings back to the customer.


The Best Mens Silver Bracelets

Finally let’s look at our top 3 picks for best mens silver bracelets.

1. Bhoma – Sterling Silver Mens Bracelet 925

Well of course we are biased, but we love our Bali style mens woven silver bracelet. Made from sterling silver 925.

Features the double string silver chain and clasp. With Bhoma branding.

2. Miansi – Arbor Cuff

We love this simple elegant cuff from Miansi.

3. Design B – 2 Tones Figaro Chain Bracelet

Not made from silver, made from steel, but gotta love this street style swagger for a shopper on a budget from Design B.

Best Mens Silver Bracelets: Which one will you buy?

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