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  • What is Black Onyx
  • Black Onyx Crystal
  • Black Onyx Stone Spiritual Meaning
  • Black Onyx Healing Properties
  • Black Onyx Uses
  • Black Onyx Gemstone Jewelry & Bracelets

What is Black Onyx

what is black onyx

Onyx can come in several colors, but Black Onyx is the most popular. It isn’t a true crystal or stone, but a variation of silicate layered chalcedony, which happens to be a type of microcrystalline quartz.  

The gemstone itself is usually opaque, and jet black with a dull luster that shines brilliantly with a glass-like surface when polished. Occasionally Black Onyx can have white dots or lines, and can often take on a marbled appearance. 

Black Onyx is found in Uruguay and other South American countries, including Brazil, and also Afghanistan, India, Madagascar, and the United States.

Black Onyx Crystal

According to ancient Greek mythology, Onyx was created when Cupid, the god of love,  is said to have sliced off his mother Venus’s fingernails with one of his arrows. As her nails dropped from Mount Olympus into the sacred Indus river, her nails transformed into Onyx. 

For this reason, the ancient Greek meaning of Black Onyx refers to the nail or claw. 

Since then, Black Onyx crystal has taken on several identities, both good and bad. It was said to absorb negative energies and protect those who wore it. In fact, Cleopatra is known to have worn Black Onyx to protect herself from harm. 

However, Black Onyx was avoided at all costs by the ancient Chinese and Arabic cultures because they believed it to bring nightmares, misfortune, and dark energy. Similarly, ancient African cultures believed Black Onyx was inhabited by evil spirits. 

The Black Onyx crystal’s reputation, however, has improved over time and is now a useful crystal for healers.  

Black Onyx Stone Spiritual Meaning

Black Onyx has taken on various meanings in many different cultures, however, it is now accepted that the true meaning of the stone is protection and fortune. 

Fortune in this sense, does not necessarily mean it brings good luck. Its powers help to strengthen one’s willpower and focus one’s energy to achieve their goals and thus gain fortune. 

Black Onyx’s properties offer protection from negative energy. It is said that the darker the stone is, the more negative energy it absorbs.

Grounding and strength are synonymous with Black Onyx. Those who are easily manipulated, or led astray can find the strength to stand up for themselves when in possession of this stone. 

Spiritually, when strong emotions begin to cloud judgment, and auras are closed off so that pressure is building inside the body and the soul, Black Onyx can be used to ease this pressure to allow for the flow of energy. 

Black Onyx Healing Properties

Black Onyx Healing Properties

Black Onyx has taken on the meaning of new beginnings and regenerations for many cultures throughout history. 

Some historical civilizations used this gem to treat illnesses of the blood, bones, and teeth, while others used it to treat skin diseases like rashes, inflammation, and infected wounds.

Because the physical healing properties of Black Onyx are closely connected to the Root Chakra, it helps to mitigate some of the symptoms that are typically induced by an imbalance of that Chakra. 

These conditions include: 

  • Swelling in the lower half of the body.
  • Complications and issues associated with menstruation.
  • Fatigue, sluggishness, and the  inability to focus.
  • Pain, cramping, and a sense of tightness in the lower back, feet, and ankles.
  • Gastrointestinal issues including constipation and bloating.
  • Bladder issues and problems with elimination.
  • Prostate issues.

Black Onyx is obviously a stone with many physical healing qualities, but it also comes with many mental, emotional, and metaphysical healing properties as well. 

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Black Onyx

Metaphysical Properties of Black Onyx

Black Onyx is here to soothe.

This gemstone is a must-have for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, and stress. It is a grounding presence for those who feel overwhelmed by emotions and that things are spinning out of control.

Although Black Onyx helps to relieve someone of this pain and suffering, it does not seek to remove it entirely, but instead channels the energy for a greater purpose.

It helps one to see these emotions and the situations causing them with clarity, so they can acknowledge them, accept them and work to move on from them. 

By helping to work through these negative emotions, Black Onyx offers a life of happiness and fulfillment. It encourages healthy relationships, by helping the wearer overcome conflicts. 

Metaphysical Properties of Black Onyx

Black Onyx is intricately connected to the Root Chakra. The stone represents a coming together of soul and body and becoming one with the earth below. 

With its magnificent grounding energy, the Black Onyx activates the Root Chakra, which in turn invites excess energy that manifests as stress, exhaustion, or a general sense of being overwhelmed, to be released from the body.

If the Root Chakra is imbalanced it can disrupt the whole chakra system. Black Onyx has a harmonizing effect, which cleanses the Base or Root Chakra, therefore, bringing one’s life into perfect balance.

Black Onyx Use

As a versatile and powerful gemstone, Black Onyx has several uses.

Along with balancing out the Root Chakra, Black Onyx is often used by healers for clients who are suffering from eye difficulties, dental or bone problems, and issues with the skin. 

Black Onyx is a popular stone used in Feng Shui. The stone emits a beautiful, soft, flowing, water-like energy that brings a quiet, pure, and cleansing quality to any space. It will instantly turn any room into a Zen-like temple of rest and meditation.

Due to its protective powers, it is also a great stone to place near entry points in the home. 

Because Black Onyx soothes, it ushers in deep, comfortable, and peaceful sleep if placed near the bed. This calming power helps restore and maintain energy levels.

Black Onyx Gemstone Jewelry & Bracelets

To best make use of the protective powers of Black Onyx, it should be worn so it is in direct contact with the skin. 

If worn as a bracelet or other jewelry, Black Onyx can transfer its healing powers directly to the body and raise positive vibrations. 

When worn correctly, Black Onyx will protect the wearer from negative energy, balance emotions, and ground.