What is Peridot?


Peridot is a gem-quality variety of the mineral olivine. It’s primarily found in the United States, China, and Pakistan. Peridot is often used as a gemstone and is a popular choice for jewelry due to its vibrant green color and spiritual significance.

Peridot is a vibrant green gemstone that belongs to the mineral olivine family. Its bright color and lustrous appearance make it a popular choice for jewelry and decorative items. The stone is often used in rings, necklaces, and pendants.

Gemstone Properties

Chemical ClassificationInorganic - Silicate (Olivine group)
ColorShades of green, from yellow-green to olive to brownish-green.
TransparencyTransparent to translucent.
OccurrenceMyanmar (Burma), Pakistan, United States (Arizona).
FormationPeridot is found in igneous rocks and sometimes brought to the surface by volcanoes. It's also found in meteorites.
CleavagePerfect in two directions
Mohs Hardness6.5 to 7.
Specific GravityApproximately 3.34.
Diagnostic PropertiesOlive-green color, often in small rounded crystals.
Chemical Composition(Mg,Fe)2SiO4
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
Optical PropertiesBiaxial (+)
Refractive Index1.650 - 1.703
2V angleNot applicable (organic)