What is Ruby?


Ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum. It’s primarily found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Ruby is highly prized and is one of the four precious stones, alongside sapphire, emerald, and diamond.

Ruby is a vibrant red gemstone that belongs to the corundum family. Its striking color and lustrous appearance make it a popular choice for jewelry, especially rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Gemstone Properties

Chemical ClassificationInorganic - Oxide (Corundum)
ColorRanges from pink to blood-red.
LusterVitreous luster.
TransparencyTypically transparent to semi-transparent.
OccurrenceMyanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Thailand.
FormationFormed under high pressure and temperature conditions in metamorphic and igneous rocks.
Mohs Hardness9
Specific Gravity3.97 to 4.05.
Diagnostic PropertiesRed color, hardness.
Chemical CompositionAl2O3
PleochroismStrong dichroism (red to orangy red).
Crystal SystemTrigonal (variety of Corundum)
Optical PropertiesUniaxial (-)
Refractive Index1.762 - 1.770
Birefringence0.008 - 0.009
2V angleMeasured: 85° to 89°