What is Selenite?


Selenite is a form of gypsum crystal that is colorless and transparent. It’s primarily found in Mexico, but it can also be sourced from other countries including Morocco and the United States. Selenite is often used as a gemstone and is a popular choice for wands, spheres, and decorative items due to its beautiful, ethereal appearance.

Selenite is a transparent, colorless crystal known for its luminous glow. Its ethereal appearance makes it a popular choice for spiritual and decorative items. It’s often used in wands, spheres, and other spiritual tools.

Gemstone Properties

Chemical ClassificationInorganic - Sulfate
ColorClear, translucent, or white.
LusterVitreous to silky.
TransparencyTransparent to translucent.
OccurrenceMexico, Morocco, and the United States.
FormationSelenite forms in evaporative clay beds and hot springs. It can also be found in caves as stalactites and stalagmites.
CleavagePerfect in one direction
Mohs Hardness2
Specific Gravity2.3.
Diagnostic PropertiesTransparent, often in blade-like crystals.
Chemical CompositionCaSO4·2H2O
PleochroismNot observed in selenite.
Crystal SystemMonoclinic (variety of Gypsum)
Optical PropertiesBiaxial (-)
Refractive Index1.519
2V angleMeasured: 58°
DispersionNot typically noted for selenite as it's not a key feature of this stone.