If you want to research the top Instagram jewelry brands for men, keep reading.

Here is what we’ll cover in todays piece.

Table of Contents

  • Popular Instagram jewelry brands (Lots of followers)
  • Best Indie jewelry brands
  • Brands with unique IG content

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Let’s get into it.

Popular Instagram Jewelry Brands


Northskull are one of the largest mens jewelry brands on Instagram, boasting over 500k followers.

They sell a lot of stainless steel, fast fashion jewelry with cool and grungy designs.


Atolyestone sell handcrafted designer jewelry for men. They have managed to amass around 400k followers!

Thomas Sabo

A veteran of the mens jewelry industry. Thomas Sabo has a large and engaged following.


Jaxxon focus on mens chains. With gold and silver pieces with different pendant designs. With 275k followers they are flying on IG.


Famous for villa life and parties in Ibiza, TwoJeys also are heavily promoted by IG star doyoutravel. With more than 250k followers, that island lifestyle is getting them recognition and a lot of interest.

The Great Frog

Another London based mens jewelry brand on the rise. With more or less 200k followers.


A mens accessories online retailer, with their own brands like Luceon and a long history. With 150k+ followers they are very large and dominant in Europe.

Best Indie Instagram Jewelry Brands

Well we would be remiss if we didn’t promote our own young brand here.

Bhoma is a mens designer jewelry brand focused on mens beaded and handmade silver and leather bracelets.

New to the game but growing quickly!

Unique Instagram Mens Jewelry Brands

So the brand with the most out there IG content has to Macabregadgets!

Love there unique style and art direction for shoots!

Best Instagram Jewelry Brands For Men

That completes our round up of the biggest IG stars for mens jewelry. Other brands with special mentions are Miansi, David Yurman and John Hardy of course. Big IG brands but not keeping pace with the IG brands of today shown here.