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  • What is Jade
  • Jade Crystal
  • Jade Stone Spiritual Meaning
  • Jade Healing Properties
  • Jade Uses
  • Jade Gemstone Jewelry & Bracelets

What is Jade


Jade isn’t a single stone. In fact, two separate gemstones can be referred to as Jade: nephrite and jadeite. Both types are metamorphic rocks made of interlocking mineral crystals. 

The most well-known Jade is made of beautiful shades of green that is often associated with Chinese culture, however, this gemstone can come in a variety of colors such as yellow, reddish, orange, white, gray, black, brown, and lavender.

Rightly so, Jade has been adored for thousands of years and has been cherished by many different cultures. Most notably, the ancient Chinese culture used Jade as an artistic tradition that has continued to thrive to this day. 

The nephrite stone can be found in Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, and the United States.

Jadeite is a stone most commonly found in Burma, Canada, Cuba, Guatemala, Japan, Kazakhstan, Russia, South America, Turkey, and the United States.

Jade Crystal

Jade is known to bring good luck to all that wear it. 

This crystal is most often associated with Chinese medicine and healing. The color of the Jade crystal used in a healing session depends on the type of healing one seeks, as each color has its own healing powers. Though in general, Jade brings good fortune, courage, and a complete sense of joy to those who wear it.

The Jade crystal is believed to help wearers tap into the spiritual realm. It protects against negative energies and beings, as well as promotes healing, creativity, and access to a higher love. 

Jade Stone Spiritual Meaning

Jade is a bright shining light on the spiritual world. Ancient cultures revered the stone as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment associated with spirits.

As a whole, this gemstone is synonymous with eternity, harmony, healing, confidence, acceptance, and goodness.

However, each color of the Jade stone has its own unique meaning and healing properties.

White Jade has the power to help clear the mind of any distractions and to keep things in perspective.

Black Jade is a protective stone that offers a grounding sensation. It protects the wearer from their own internal dialogue and harming thoughts and patterns.

Brown Jade helps the wearer connect with and settle into their roots. It brings comfort within oneself and protects the wearer from outside influences and distractions. 

Red Jade is a bold and courageous stone. It provides a boost of self-confidence to those who wear it.

Orange Jade brings an instant pick-me-up. It exudes positive energy, love, and life that instantly lightens any mood.

Yellow Jade is always bright and sunny, bringing a positive disposition. This stone brings good fortune and happiness.

Green Jade is the most popular and most precious of the Jade stones. It brings with it a sense of peace and harmony, protecting those who wear it.

Blue Jade is all things peaceful and serene like the calming waters of the sea. Those who wear blue Jade can expect a sense of tranquility to wash over them. 

Lavender Jade connects the wearer with their higher self. This stone clears away past trauma and suffering, creating the perfect environment for the wearer to fly high and achieve their dreams.

Jade Healing Properties

Jade Healing Properties

Jade naturally channels all things good and fortuitous that the universe has to offer. 

It has the power to heal and restore those afflicted with many ailments. It is said to cleanse the kidneys, bladder, and spleen from toxins. 

It fiercely battles infections, brings a cooling touch to help alleviate fevers, and is regularly used to promote the body’s own self-healing properties. 

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties of Jade

Jade promotes self-love and acceptance. It encourages the wearer to absorb themself in a love that will last a lifetime. 

By casting out negative thought patterns and feelings of self-doubt, Jade increases one’s confidence and courage. It brings with it a sense of wisdom and self-assuredness. It encourages the wearer to embrace and boost one’s honesty and maturity.

The Jade stone heals one’s relationship with oneself and with those around them. It invites fulfilling and meaningful relationships and love into one’s life.

Metaphysical Properties of Jade

METAPHYSICAL Properties of Jade

Jade is often used by healers to promote emotional healing, aid in the interpretation of dreams, and connect one with the higher realm. 

It is strongly connected to the Heart Chakra. Going beyond romantic love, the Heart Chakra invites a love with the wider world and its inhabitants. It guides a person down a path of strong and rewarding friendships, loving familial bonds, and a love of oneself.

If the Heart Chakra is unbalanced, one can find themself being hypercritical of others and oneself. There may be a feeling of constraint in how one deals with others or the environment, and a feeling of trying to control everything or a sense of being controlled.

The use of Jade is crucial to cleanse the Heart Chakra. The stone can help flush out negative energies and restore a sense of trust, love, and compassion for oneself, those around them, and the wider world. 

Jade Use

Jade is often used to bring good luck and abundance into one’s life. 

If Jade is used in the home, it attracts prosperity, success, and overall good vibrations. It cleanses the home environment and allows for tenderness and harmony to grow.

By placing Jade on a desk, it will attract prosperity and wealth, while at the same time improving communication, and creativity and offering protection from negative energies.

If one wants to increase an overall sense of abundance, not only in wealth but in luck, success, and joy, Jade is the stone that is sure to bring it.

Jade Gemstone Jewelry & Bracelets

To benefit from the good luck and abundance of Jade, it is ideal to wear the stone as a bracelet, or pendant, or to keep the stone in a pocket, so it is close at all times. 

The effects of Jade can prove to be particularly powerful if worn near the Heart Chakra. 

If one wants to experience a life filled with joy, love, good fortune, and prosperity, then keeping Jade close is one surefire way to do this.