If you have a May birthday then you are lucky to have the illustrious and mesmerizing Emerald as your birthstone. So whether you are a May baby or enjoy the allure of Emeralds in jewelry.

We’ll take a look at:

Table of Contents

  • Color of Emerald
  • History of Emerald
  • Emerald Stone Spiritual Meaning
  • Emerald Zodiac Birthstone 
  • Emerald Healing Properties & Benefits
  • Emerald Gemstone Jewelry & Bracelets

Color of Emerald


Emerald is a precious gem that is well-known for its deep green color. The most sought-after and desirable colors are bluish-green to pure green, with a vivid color and lively tone. Stones that are too yellowish or too bluish are in fact not Emeralds, but a different variety of beryl which will decrease their value significantly.

It is often said that the color of an Emerald will vary in appearance depending on the location of the mine. Colombian Emeralds are thought to be warmer with an intense green color, while Zambian Emeralds are thought to have a cooler more bluish-green color. 

Where Emerald is Found

Emeralds are mined all over the world in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Australia, and the United States. However, three countries are known to hold the highest deposits of Emeralds and they are Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia.

History of Emerald

The stunning green of the Emerald has been cherished for over six thousand years. 

The word ‘Emerald’ is derived from a Persian word meaning “green gem”. Over the centuries its name changed from the Greek smaragdus to the Latin esmaurde, esmralde, and eventually esmeralde

This ancient gemstone enchanted ancient civilizations as they beheld its beauty and power. The great leaders of ancient times such as Cleopatra, Aristotle, and even Alexander the Great worshipped the stone for its aura and energy. 

The Ancient Egyptians believed Emeralds were amulets of rebirth and fertility, while the Incas and Aztecs held the belief that the stone would bring them eternal life. It wasn’t until the 16th century though with the onslaught of the Spanish conquistadors in the New World, that the Emerald took center stage. From this time on royalty from all corners of the globe treasured Emeralds and adorned their rings, necklaces, bracelets, and crowns with this alluring stone.

Emerald Stone Spiritual Meaning

Once worn as a symbol of status and power, the captivating Emeralds are heralds of good fortune. 

These deeply vibrant green gems are known to bring one all earthly pleasures and desires. They fill one’s world with everlasting love and joy. A beacon of light, life, and laughter the Emerald ushers in a life worth living to its fullest; a beautiful radiant life with everything one could ever dream of. 

Emerald Zodiac Birthstone

The bright verdant green of Emerald signifies the coming of the new life of spring and is therefore closely connected with the springtime sign of Taurus.

Bursting with life and energy, Taurus like the bright Emerald gemstone has much in common. Emerald can help Taurus through their journey of life and love, transforming an often possessive Taurus into a well-balanced and encouraging partner. 

Sharing an association with Venus, both Emerald and Taurus focus on relationships, and with the guidance of Emerald, Taurus can experience a love of peace, sharing, and abundance. 

Emerald Healing Properties & Benefits

Emerald emits pure radiance and joy, the gemstone of pure and unconditional love and health. Like the springtime vegetation, the Emerald is a stone of rebirth, regeneration, renewal, and recovery. 

The Emerald gemstone can elevate and nourish in a number of ways, heightening energy and positive vibrations. In ancient times, bright thinkers like Aristotle believed that Emeralds could help to ward off epilepsy, and even to this day, it is still thought to stabilize this condition.

Emerald brings with it its regenerative powers to different parts of the body and can help soothe headaches, combat allergies, and relieve the skin of rashes. It helps to strengthen the eyes, sharpen one’s memory, and helps alleviate gastric issues. With its reinvigorating energy, Emerald has the power to wake up tired organs such as the liver or heart. 

This vibrant stone brings power and energy to every inch of the body.

Emotional Healing Properties & Benefits

Emerald is a stone that showers one with vivid energy, life, and powerful eternal love. It is a forceful crystal for clearing up any dark energy clogging up one’s emotional system, or hiding away in the dark recesses of the mind.

With its all-encompassing uplifting energy, Emerald offers a helping hand to those who feel overwhelmed or those who have lost their personal power and are stuck in an endless loop of negative narratives. Emerald offers a light calming energy to those who feel trapped in a slump and helps to brighten and ease the mind. 

The stone of unconditional love, Emerald helps to deepen relationships, encourage commitment, and allows one to open themself up to love.

Emerald Metaphysical Benefits

Eternally linked to the shining green aura of the Heart Chakra, Emerald radiates love in its purest form. As the Heart Chakra stone, Emerald helps clear the tightly wound space around the heart, ensuring roadblocks to love and self-care and gently and thoroughly swept away.

When the Heart Chakra is blocked or out of balance, one might struggle with empathy, and compassion and one may be quick to judge harshly. There may be problems with forgiveness, and trust, and one may find themself closed and blocked off, isolating themself in a life of loneliness. 

A wide open Heart Chakra allows one to trust in themself and others. Love is felt deeply and extensively and healthy self-care, compassion, and kindness are generously practiced. When the Heart Chakra is open, this allows one to also be open to diving into divine love and manifesting universal blessings. 

Emerald Gemstone Jewelry & Bracelets

A truly precious gemstone, Emerald offers an abundance of power and energy to those who wear it. 

Wearing an Emerald close to the skin such as a bracelet or pendant transfers its strength and rejuvenating energy to the wearer. When worn, Emerald can improve one’s communication skills, and overall energy levels, and elevate one’s mood.

The best way to enjoy all of the benefits this vibrant green stone has to offer is by wearing it.