You’ve got a beautiful watch, maybe a Seiko, Omega or even a Rolex if you’re blessed.

And now you want to accessorize.

There are many different views on what looks good when it comes to wearing a watch with bracelets.

Some people love a clean look, some people love a stacked wrist and some like a minimal approach. 

In reality…

…There is no right or wrong answer.

In this guide we’ll discuss your options, show you some examples and help you decide how you want to wear your watch with bracelets.

Let’s go!

Questions we’ll answer 

  • Can a man wear a watch and a bracelet?
  • Which wrist should you wear your watch and bracelets?
  • How many bracelets can you wear with a watch?
  • What kind of bracelets go with which watches?

Can a man wear a watch and a bracelet?

Simply put.. Yes.

mens watch and bracelet

Wearing a watch and bracelet together can be done in a tasteful and stylish way.

Now depending on your look, that might mean different things.

More on that later in the post.

Which wrist should you wear your watch and bracelets?

Watches are typically worn on the left wrist for right-handed men and on the right wrist for left-handed men.

Wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand means you can check the time regardless of what you’re doing with your dominant hand.

Also the crown of the watch or the little knob on the side also shows which hand the watchmaker wanted you to wear the watch on.

As the knob is supposed to be used by your other hand and therefore should sit on inside of your hands.

Should the bracelets be above or below the watch?

Now watches are typically worn just above your wrist bone.

This means your bracelets are best placed below or south of the watch.

That means in between the watch and your hand as shown below.

This will stop loose fitting bracelets from riding up your arm.

Whether it’s a mens bangle or leather bracelet.

How many bracelets can you wear with a watch?

When it comes to bracelets, there are generally agreed rules on how many you can wear without looking messy or without muddying your look.

So the easiest way to remember this is with two numbers, 5 and 3.

You should never wear more than 5 bracelets at once.

And you should never have more than 3 bracelets on one wrist.

Now of course this doesn’t include rings, necklaces and watches. Or even brooches for those who are more adventurous.

But this is a great rule of thumb to follow if you’re unsure of how many bracelets can you wear with a watch.

What kind of bracelets go with which watches and how to wear them

So, how do you style a bracelet with a watch?

First you need to pair the right bracelet with your watch.

The most common types of bracelets for men are:

  • Leather bracelets and cuffs
  • Chain bracelets
  • Beaded bracelets
  • String bracelets 
  • Bangle bracelets

Leather bracelets and cuffs

For leather bracelets, they sit well on your watch hand, below the watch next to your hand.

They can be paired nicely with a beaded bracelet and also a string bracelet if you want a larger stack.

We however recommend to keep your watch hand to a maximum of two bracelets so as not to make the look messy.


There are most commonly brown and black leather bracelets, but they can be found in most colors now.

It’s a great idea to match the leather color of your bracelet to your shoes and or belt.

This ties the outfit together head to toe.

For cuff bracelets we recommend a more robust or larger watch.

Delicate watches look out of place next to such a large bracelet.

Cuffs often look better when worn on your non watch hand.

Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are all about color.

The most popular color is often blue or Lapis Lazuli.

This can look incredible if paired with a watch strap with the same color.

You can also pair the color of the bracelets. With an accent of color running through 2 or 3 of the bracelets.

mens watch beaded black white bracelet

However, be careful with beaded bracelets next to watch when they have loose charms, as the charms can lay over the watch or worse even scratch it.

Chain Bracelets

For chain bracelets we’d recommend wearing them on your non watch hand.

Having the metal of the chain bracelet and the metal of the watch strap together can look messy and often the metals don’t match exactly.

You can fix this by spacing the chain bracelet from the watch with another leather, beaded or string bracelet. But this often still looks wrong.

Chain bracelets can be paired well with string, beaded and wrap bracelets on your non watch hand and balance your symmetry by having a heavier metal look on both wrists.

String Bracelets

String bracelets are probably the most versatile and can really fit anywhere in most looks.

For paracord bracelets be careful pairing them with metal watch straps as the two vibes can look wrong.

Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets should not be worn on the same wrist as the watch.

They are not super comfortable and slip around.

We’d recommend wearing these on your non watch hand, closest to your hand.

Then trap them in place with a beaded or tighter bracelet for comfort.

Wardrobe and outfit

When deciding how to stack your bracelets, also take into your outfit.

If you are dressed in a suit, a paracord bracelet would look out of place.

In the same respect a hippie vibe leather wrap bracelet and large wrap beads don’t have a formal feel.

So match your bracelets to your look.

Watch With Bracelets

We hope you loved this post on men’s watch bracelet combo.

Whether you are dressing up or going out, don’t forget to accessorize to complete your look.