Beaded bracelets have made their way into the spotlight of men’s fashion trends as they have grown immensely popular over the years. And with good reason. With so many different styles to choose from, beaded bracelets are a great way to dress up any outfit and highlight your personal style.

Because of their popularity, there are endless styles and materials to choose from so it can be difficult to know where to start. Luckily, we are here to help you find your perfect accessory as we’ve compiled a list of the most popular beaded bracelet styles for men.

There’s something for everyone on this list as these on-trend bracelets vary in style, size, and overall look, so you’re sure to find something that suits your taste.

Let’s get to it!

1. Jade Beaded Bracelets

Natural stone beaded bracelets are one of the most universally sought-after wrist accessories for men. Stone beaded bracelets offer significant benefits compared to bracelets crafted from other materials. They give off the look of luxury, have a heavy feel, are incredibly durable and easy to maintain, and most importantly they are waterproof and scratch-resistant.

Jade beaded bracelets in particular include other added benefits that transcend functionality. The Jade stone symbolizes serenity, and purity, and brings harmony to all who wear it. Most notably, Jade attracts and manifests good fortune in all aspects of one’s life and fosters positive relationships. 

You can use Jade beaded bracelets to accessorize for any occasion and receive good luck at the same time.

2. Wrap Beaded Bracelets

The simple sophistication and ease of use of wrap bracelets have made them a popular choice among men. Wrap beaded bracelets help achieve a striking layered look with just one bracelet, however, they can be stacked to produce a powerful statement look. Exactly the right choice of men’s bracelets when you want to give your outfit an extra dose of style, without having to pile on extra bracelets. 

Depending on the color, size, or shape of the bead, a wrap bracelet can add a touch of subtle elegance to any outfit, completing the look effortlessly. You can easily achieve a beautifully stacked look without having to mix and match bracelets that may not complement one another.

3. Macrame Beaded Bracelets

Macrame beaded bracelets offer a chic yet bohemian look for a multifaceted style.  Simple and understated, macrame bracelets use clean designs, creating a sense of refinement. Though many macrame style bracelets err on the side of simplicity, designs can range to the ultra-complex by adding more complicated knots and intricate beading.

The mix of delicate beading and graceful knotted designs create a truly unique piece of jewelry that adds a bit of panache to any outfit. Due to its sheer versatility in design, the macrame beaded bracelet is popular with those men who want something different.

4. Metal Beaded Bracelets

Metal beaded bracelets are a popular choice for those looking for a sleek, masculine touch to their overall look. Though less common than stone beaded bracelets, metal beads are a subtle way to add a bit of texture and a layer of sophistication to your wrist.

Though attractive  on their own, metal beaded bracelets can be paired with stone beads or beaded wrap bracelets for an added hint of masculinity. Metal beads can come in various colors so they perfectly match your skin tone and the look you’re going for. 

5. Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelets

Probably the most beloved beaded bracelet men choose to wear is Tiger Eye. Not only does it compliment warmer skin tones or wardrobes, but with its soft, neutral coloring, you can really wear it any time of year to add a bit of warmth to your appearance.

Though Tiger Eye beaded bracelets may seem delicate and fragile, they are anything but. Tiger Eye symbolizes courage and power. It offers protection from negative energies and delivers a quiet inner strength. The Tiger Eye beaded bracelet is perfect for giving an extra boost of courage and style as you walk out the door.

6. Two-Row Beads


Two-row beaded bracelets are the perfect blend of tradition and trend. They are a popular choice for those who want to effortlessly pull off the stacked bracelet look without spending hours deciding which bracelets to pair with one another.

Like a ceremonial prayer bead bracelet, the stacked rows emanate a timeless sense of style. With so many options of beading color and variety, two-row beaded bracelets are sure to offer something for everyone in a neat, organized, and straightforward package. 

7. Beaded Bracelet With Charms (Sterling Silver)

Beaded bracelets with charms are a popular choice amongst men who want to go the extra mile when it comes to their fashion and personal expression. They can range from fabulously extravagant, to something more muted and subtle. So, depending on your personality, you can choose to make a loud or quiet statement.

Many men choose to go for sterling silver charms as they are almost immortal in their appeal and trendsetting, plus an added bonus is the hypoallergenic and highly durable properties of sterling silver. Sterling Silver charmed beaded bracelets offer a truly eye-catching statement piece without being too over the top unless that’s what you’re going for!

8. Skull Beaded Bracelet


If the other beaded bracelets on this list are a little too everyday or ordinary for your taste and you’re looking for some wrist candy that’s a bit more striking and in your face, then skull beaded bracelets may be just what you’re looking for. 

Whether your aesthetic is more rock and roll or you’re on the edgier side, skull beaded bracelets will appeal to the rockstar within. Inspired by Memento Mori, skull beaded bracelets honor the practice of reflecting on one’s mortality and offer a physical reminder to live life to the fullest. 

9. CZ Diamond Beaded Bracelet

An elevated take on the beaded bracelet, cubic zirconia beads offer the brilliance of diamonds at a fraction of the cost. Popular among men who want to add a bit of bling to their ensemble, CZ beaded bracelets provide a classically dazzling touch without being too ostentatious. 

Their minimalist style still has the power for grandeur because with CZ beaded bracelets you have a versatile take on a classic. Day or night, bar or boardroom, cubic zirconia beads will add a bit of class and brilliance to your look.

10. Pearl Beaded Bracelet


Clean, pure, with classic subtlety, pearl beaded bracelets can act as a touch of sophistication to any outfit. This newly popular fashion trend is an unexpected yet refined fad that appeals to men who are bold enough to show off their softer side. 

Adding a touch of perfection to your preferred look, pearl beaded bracelets are sure to be a talking point that offers you the chance to stand out from the crowd in a positive way. Rarely making their appearance in men’s fashion, pearls are an impeccable way to make a statement.

And there you have it, the top 10 most popular men’s beaded bracelets. Hopefully, you found the answers you were looking for and feel inspired to go out and find the perfect bracelet to match your style.